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"To rethink the world and seek meaning through a visual language. 

Where an inscribed understanding can be accessed through a form of abandonment to the process.

Allured by its forces of rule-making and rule-breaking, order and chaos. 

Perhaps then, each thought becomes a gesture and each gesture a thought. 

A beautiful paradox."

Bijanka Bacic


Paintings of energized lines and forms commingle in sensuous fields of colour, enticing the viewer into a surface that plays between the various paths of abstraction; the gesture, the figure and the geometric- a systemic process that seeks to understand what it means to paint in the act of the abstract today. 


Bijanka’s current series, ‘We are defending their illusion’, embarks on a playful exploration of the Grid- an instrument that has been contoured and stretched until only its armature remains. By juxtaposing this model against other forms of abstraction, such as the figure, the grid becomes a disruptive device that enables contradiction and limitation to coexist on a single surface. This deliberate interplay unravels the intricate relationship among the contrasting layers, a process of adding and obliterating; where a series of mistakes in blindness occurs until a type of light emerges. Within this complexity, the linear narrative is tossed into the air. We start to see the before as after, challenging our perception of time and reality as the viewer dances on the edge of coherence and disarray.


Aimed not to create pictures but paintings.

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