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‘The Poets are Dancing’ 

The Poets are Dancing’ is a collection of works created over three years. It started within her final year at National Art School and ended once she moved overseas to London.  

The diversity of styles relates to her exploration to find a permanent vision that is deeply connected to the universal. Where these works are seen as a chaotically orchestrated surface, that feels familiar yet obscured with its vibrating colours and abstracted figures.  

Her creative process draws from the restless motion of movement. By extracting various silhouettes of figures in motion, she places them in an unsequenced manner onto the canvas. Where their form gives her absolute freedom to play with the application of colour and the boundaries between line and body. In a way, Bijanka is working with these contour lines to then dismiss it. Allowing her to find a way out of the form, to then let the subconscious arise within the painting. 

This process is derived from demonstrating nature’s intent of the equilibrium. An idea that we are constantly striving to find balance through unequal opposites or a so-called collaboration of contradictions. Therefore, Bijanka’s body of work represents her need to find a balance within the world of abstraction and representation, which mirrors our battle with the metaphysical. 

And since it is becoming harder to find this sense of freedom and peace within ourselves, we at least can free our vision.

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