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‘The Invisible Silence, and it's Unknown Nostalgia'

If we are indeed merely passing through this world, Bijanka’s current paintings work to understand what it means in the now. Learned histories drawn from the arts, philosophy and culture enter her large canvases as abstracted forms inspired by motifs and metaphors that continue to influence our ever-changing modern world. 


A chosen small sketch sets into motion a symphony of form and hand-mixed pigments on canvas; playing, diving and falling in rhythms to find their own harmony with each other, and their maker. This painted universe embraces both intention and chance, and opens a place of priori where the past, present and future commingle to tell a new story of the now: A story with an inspired beginning, and an unknown ending, as each viewer is greeted with an open door leading them to various pathways and conversations.


Bijanka’s recent series titled, “The Invisible Silence and it’s Unknown Nostalgia” allows viewers to enter human-scale paintings of energized movements and forms in flux, through a door of something familiar. Colorful abstractions reveal part of a figure, perhaps? Maybe the bow of a boat, or a door…? These cues then lead us to explore further, possibly recognizing nostalgia for the Divine Garden given to us but never experienced, the hell of being in a sea of lost people, or somewhere in-between where a tear reveals true relationship, and silence is broken. Along with seekers before us including Manet, Rothko, Gorky, Blake and others, we can all find ourselves somewhere in this layered visual history of now.


What started off as scattered ideas in Bijanka’s mind, forms into a web of complex beauty with spiral detailing of knotted ideologies and symbolic languages. Waiting to entangle its audiences within threads, an interaction that builds further layers of meaning on an emotional, social and even political level. This experience confirms Bijanka’s belief in a visual language that can open boundaries to better communicate our contemporary environment and create a web of new human connections.

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